7.1 THE FINISH LINE will be either:

  1. a line joining the outer white painted upright post on the race movable white post and a white buoy, or
  2. a line joining the mast of the Committee Boat and a white buoy or:
  3. a line transit from the control tower and a white buoy.

The white finish buoy will be a mark of the course at the finish only,


Two sound signals will be given and code flag ā€˜Sā€™ displayed close to the mark at which the course is to be shortened.

All boats should then round the mark and sail directly to the finish line. A shorten course signal intended to apply only to one fleet will be accompanied by the appropriate code flag.

This varies RRS Rule 32.


A time limit of 15 minutes for class racing and 30 minutes for handicap racing shall apply after the leading boat in each fleet has finished. Any boat not finished by this time will be deemed to have retired.

This varies RRS Rule 35.